Elevating the Car Wrap Industry in the Philippines: Second Skin Industries

Elevating the Car Wrap Industry in the Philippines: Second Skin Industries


Second Skin Industries is Philippines’ pioneer all-in-one premium protective solutions. It is a one-stop shop for car enthusiasts who value quality protection for their automotive, residential and commercial investments.

They aim to introduce to the market the importance of protection by offering their services which include car wrapping, PPF, Tinting, ceramic coating, windshield protection film, bulletproofing and security tint.

They initially started showcasing their products primarily through online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but as the demand from customers increased, they had to streamline and optimize their order fulfillment process, which required them to develop an e-Commerce website.


Business Development

Brand Strategy & Development
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design

Website Design & Development

Marketing Strategy

PR & Media


Second Skin Industries engaged us to audit their brand from visual to verbal, digital to physical, in order to design a walk through experience for their customers.

We identified the global needs and wants, as well as their clients’ distinctive purchase behaviors and routines that helped rethink and re-conceptualize the way they tried to reach out to them. These distinctive patterns were then merged with global needs and wants, automotive and cultural lifestyle trends to reveal a demand landscape that holistically captured consumers’ life around cars and the potential role Second Skin Industries could play in that life.


In building the proactive brand management system, we developed a brand strategy (we call brand identity system - an invaluable framework that helps define market opportunities, growth domains, and demand platforms where Second Skin Industries could succeed more likely relative to consumers’ competing alternatives. Success was determined in terms of conversion probabilities of consideration, purchase, and repeat purchase. This helped effectively guide communication strategies at the local level by focusing creative on the relevant and most powerful purchase drivers or triggers of conversion. 

At the global and highest level, the essence of Second Skin Industries’ brand strategy was defined around “sleek, functional and reliable”.

A second major objective of our work was to ensure they remain to be the market leader in the automotive protection solutions industry, we immersed ourselves in Second Skin Industries’ inquiry process to their showroom releases, to delve deeper into the customers’ experience. Through a study of existing customer reviews and interviews, we were able to learn what can be done.

We worked with Second Skin Industries to evolve its current approach to management of the brand toward a proactive brand management system.

As a foundation for this system, we researched and identified new needs and wants given the rapidly changing consumer behavior in the automotive industry to establish brand performance benchmarks. This paved the way for even more accurate targeting of leads to generate sales, creating more value from their marketing and sales efforts via social media.

Lastly, we organized the forward-looking product and brand roadmap for the next years. The goal of organizing the company portfolio was to create a brand portfolio and architecture strategy that would simplify the product lineup, reduce the complexity and create brand-building synergies. Ultimately, the effort was designed to drive margin improvement through more efficient allocation of marketing spend and sales efforts, while also creating strong brands.

This April 2020, Second Skin Industries will be launching its first International brand partner, Magnus Pro, as they move into its first showroom.

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