Quinn's Bakery | Manila's Purveyors of Quality Small Batch Cookies

Quinn's Bakery | Manila's Purveyors of Quality Small Batch Cookies




Quinn’s is an online-based home bakery dedicated to producing and providing  premium soft-baked and chewy cookies, delivered fresh right at your doorstep. With premium ingredients, zero preservatives added, no artificial substitutes, and no unpronounceable ingredients, the quality of their offerings is undoubtedly superior than those of mainstream cookie bakeries’. 

They initially started distributing their products primarily through online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but as the demand from customers increased, they had to streamline and optimize their order fulfillment process, which required them to develop an e-Commerce website.


Business Development
Brand Audit & Consultancy
Brand Strategy
Website Design & Development
PR & Media

Quinns engaged us to audit their brand from visual to verbal, digital to physical, in order to design an experience for their customers.

Through a study of existing customer reviews and interviews, we were able to find the service benefits that were most valuable to the Quinns’ clients: a seamless experience of ordering their cookies at their time of need.

We designed their branding to represent their craft and homage to their origins of being a mom and pop’s store with their store visuals, uniform and customer service. A lay-friendly approach was taken in designing materials for both newbies and loyal customers alike. 

Launching as Quinns Cookies when they started, today they have evolved to their new name, Quinns Bakery. They started to offer their brands metrowide and nationwide as of 2019 — and they aim to increase their target clientele reach this 2020, we helped them launch their e-Commerce website.

With the help of our brand audit & consultancy, their team plans to restructure their business plan, improve social media content and increase their revenues.

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